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Welcome to Scarborough House, a leading manufacturer of fine furniture since 1996. Exceptional quality and value are among our top priorities! We specialize in exquisite handcrafted pieces with a goal of excellence in every single piece and strive for timeless designs that last a lifetime. Our comprehensive collections include classical, contemporary and casual designs.


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200 Steele Street, 1st Floor, Space 119 High Point, NC 27260

Our furniture is produced in small quantities in our own factory, enabling us to adhere to very strict quality standards. The quality of manufacture, finish, proportion and attention to detail reflect the traditional methods of English construction and shape the character of each piece. Incorporating state of the art techniques, our veneer preparation process allows us to use the finest premium crotch mahogany and burls that will not change over time; giving you a piece not only reminiscent of generations past but one that will become a family heirloom for generations to come.

We manufacture our own solid brass hardware exactly to the proportion of the piece, our American oak drawer construction uses front and rear dovetail joinery. A closer inspection will reveal solid wood door barring on all glass doors and individually glazed panes of glass. The art of the pieces comes from the intricate details that are all done by hand; from the carving, veneering, marquetry inlay, chinoiserie, tooling, and casting to name a few. These are among the many benefits you can expect when you invest in a piece of Scarborough House furniture.


Scarborough House Showroom

200 Steele Street, 1st Floor Space 119, High Point, NC 27260


Address: P.O. Box 175 - High Point, NC 27261