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Asian Loft is a wholesale business, well known for its magnificent furniture and accessories from all over the world at very competitive prices. All of our pieces are unique and have been personally selected in various countries. Most of our items come from Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, India and Japan. Besides we also have items from African and European countries.


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Asian Loft offers a range of unique styles from both modern and reproduction to actual antiques. Most of the unusual items are found in the small towns and villages of the countryside or at auctions where they are collected in their original condition. A crew of skilled craftsmen restores the pieces before shipping.  Asian Loft is pleased to offer advice about different styles, traditional restoration techniques, and authenticity. At request we also offer:

  • Customized goods
  • Source hard to find items
  • Full container business for large enterprises
  • Hospitality services 


Asian Loft Showroom

305 W High Ave #190, High Point, NC 27260, USA


Address: P.O. Box 175 - High Point, NC 27261