Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are showroom hours and accessibility?
  • Each showroom sets their hours and policy. Please refer to the information under their listing on this website. Several member showrooms are open daily and may be offering special promotions or events. While most showrooms don’t require appointments, please call to make showroom managers aware that you plan on visiting.
  • During the months of April and October showrooms are only available during their market hours, and generally not open during the week of July 4th.
How much notice is needed to visit a showroom by appointment?
  • That varies. Generally, a day or more is suggested, but don’t hesitate to call on the spur of the moment. On many occasions, a local manager can meet you with only a short notice.
Is there parking and/or transportation?
  • Transportation is provided during our 2 annual events; Unity For Design and Designer Appreciation Day, however, transportation is not provided at any other time.
  • Parking is available on the street or in parking lots at all of our showrooms. If you are calling a showroom in advance of your visit, you could ask them the best place to park at that showroom.
What must I bring as identification when visiting showrooms?
  • Because we sell To The Trade Only, you must present documentation to prove your type of business. A business card, letterhead and perhaps a copy of your resale certificate are good to have with you. Individual showrooms may require a trade application to establish an account.
How do showrooms price their merchandise?
  • Although most showrooms display retail prices between markets, some show dealer cost. To avoid confusion please contact the individual showrooms prior to your visit to confirm their pricing structure.
May I purchase merchandise off the floor for immediate delivery?
  • Most showrooms offer sample sales. Often, certain items within one showroom will be available for sale, while others are not. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have an immediate need.
May I bring my customer with me to showrooms?
  • Most showrooms welcome you to bring your client with you. However, since some continue to display dealer cost, it is wise to ask about pricing shown before you come.
Are children/pets allowed in the showrooms.
  • Although they may be permitted in many of the showrooms, it is more productive to come without them. Showroom shopping trips are usually very focused work time, which proves tiring for children and pets, who then become distractions to the parent who is making serious decisions.


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